Friday, 21 July 2017

summer holiday at center parks

we drived  in the car on a trip to center parks 3 hour drive when we got there we sighned in and then went to the bike center and taked are bikes. on the next day we went on a very long bike ride and the next days bike ride we went on a very very long one and it was a very bumpy path until daddy found a secret entranss thas sent to are place and on the road but by the way we were 500 ore 600 houses away. we went to the pancake house and had food i had a vanilla flavoured ice cream!!!!!!! that had a teddy bear thing on it.

On the second night we booked to go to pizza hut and we went swimming i went on the green slide myself and the blue slide myself my brother was ok going on the blue slide but not green but he did it on the the last day the day thats before that and we went on the out door rapids and there was a amazing water play area  with hot warm water the fountains werent.

We also had split up i went with daddy and my brother went with mummy.We booked a time to go on a boat thing and we had a bbq.

Children feeding the ducks at Center Parcs

Monday, 22 May 2017

Grandma and Grandad's

When Harry and Daddy and Mummy were going to watch the new Harry Potter show I went  to Grandma and Grandads. I was very good they bought me a magazine that came with a fairy her name is Daisy when we went to pay I got another packet that came with a fairy called Tiana. They light in the sun.

I went to the playground it was fun. I went to the bird show it was very sunny and I stroked an owl and saw some baby owls.

Child stroking an owl

For dinner I had cheese and toast and some beans. For lunch we ate outside I had a sandwich with butter inside and chocolate fingers and 1 chocolate biscuit. It was a fun day. Then I had a bath but not hair wash then it was night time.

I did school reading then Mummy and Daddy and Harry came back. We drove home and put me in my old bed. I was very tired. I did some sewing and made a teddy but not soft his name is Percy. It was a lovely day. The end.

Arundel Castle

I went to Arundel Castle. There were lovely flowers .We had a look in the castle. It was so fun. It was lovely and sunny.We climbed a tree and sat on a log .We had some nice lunch on a bench in the sun. It was a lovely castle. There was a lovely carpet it was a lion rug. How they did it is they killed a lion then took it body and bones out and then it made a lion rug .We had a look at the flowers. We brought our cameras along. There were lovely pictures.

A child taking pictures at Arundel Castle

A child taking pictures at Arundel Castle

A child taking pictures at Arundel Castle

Friday, 14 April 2017

Gaston Farm

We held a baby chick. Next we held a duck. At the end we held a little lamb. We saw some sheep. I went with my friends. We went on a long tractor ride. I saw our car, a pretend castle. I saw some sheep and some lambs and that is all.

We had a picnic on benches and a lamb did a wee.

My hot holiday

It was very hot. Mummy got sun burnt on both of her legs. There was a swimming pool.There was a nice beach I wore my swimming costume there. There was a place for mini disco and thats where you do dancing.

Child on holiday with diary

There was nice food like carrots and cucumber and tomatoes and crackers and peppers and spaghetti. There was really nice pizza. Sometimes we go and sit on a sun lounger and do colouring books or our ipads or reading books.

There was a pirate play area.

Pirate play area

There were some nice squirrels. They were really really really cute and I bought a postcard of a squirrel. Also I bought a teddy it was a goat. I pretended to have a ride on it.

We went on a really really really long walk to a lighthouse. We didn't get to look inside. On the way to the lighthouse there was a really long bridge. I cut myself.

I saw my teaching assistant. She was at the same place in Fuerteventura. There was a kids club and the end of mini disco we give out the certificates for kids club. Also we had Starky and Stella coming out. Also we have Bernie Bear and a big giraffe.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Fluffy and Fluff

I have two teddys but more then that. There names are fluffy and fluff .The big ones fluffy and the small one is fluff. I love to cuddle them.

Child holding cuddly toys

Saturday, 18 March 2017

My swimming club

I learnt how to put my head under the water I learnt froggy legs. One day I swam in the big pool but I needed some help. I like putting my head under the water while Harrys doing his. I play in the baby pool. I go swimming on Wednesday. I have rings that you throw and they sink and you need to go under the water and pick them up.

Child's drawing of swimming